Thursday, August 30, 2007


This weekly blogging thing seems to be becoming a regular thing with me...better weekly than not at all I guess?

So what has happened since last Thursday? Heaps's been a busy week.

Saturday was my FIL's 65th Surprise Birthday Party and YES it was a surprise, he had no idea. He had such a great day catching up with family and friends and so did we. I go to have such a baby fix with four new baby's in the family within the last 10 months and I hadn't seen any of them until Saturday. Ella (10 months), Oscar (8 months) and Sam (6 months) were all adorable but little Miss Abbie (all of 11 weeks) was just divine, like a little china doll and I could have cuddled her all day.
Once over my cluckiness I did manage to get my brother-in-law to take some photos of Andrew and I and the girls...and they turned out pretty good.

Sunday Andrew and I took the girls to have a look at a display home (yes he is back onto the selling and building thing again) and then took them to this great park they have built at this new estate. It was a great park and the girls thought they had discovered Eden, which I had have my camera.

Speaking of my camera, I have started the Photography course that Mum and Dad payed for for my birthday. Monday nights are two hours of complete bliss and I ma only kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner. It is so good to understand everything about shutter speed and aperture and to be able to actually use my DigiSLR on manual setting rather than just automatic.

Tuesday Georgia and I headed over to Aunty Wendy's place for lunch with the girls. Besides Wendy and I, Sim Kylie and Jo were there too together with the little girls. Five little girls aged between 3 and 5 and all well behaved...who would have thought LOL?

Wednesday was my FIL's actual birthday so we headed over there for dinner and let me just tell you that 5 little girls is a hell of a lot better than 3 kids and 2 dogs.

Today I had my baby cousin Emma over (she's 25 so not quite a baby anymore) and we did some hopping at Westfield, had some lunch and then picked Caitlin up from school. Em is sooooo good with the girls and the jumped all over her for hours. She stayed for tea and we had David, Kirsty and Ethan over for dinner too to celebrate Andrew's birthday (which is this Saturday).

Tomorrow Mum and I have a funeral to go to and then I have the Mavis Party at Scraptacular. Next week I think I will just hibernate LOL!

If you have lasted till now I hope you have had a good week and have an even better weekend.

Ange xx

Oh and only a week to go until Scraptacular's weekend away...I can't wait!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Can't believe that a week has passed since I last seriously only feels like yesterday.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment, called or emailed me to wish Andrew and I a Happy Anniversary. We didn't get to do anything as Andrew was working to 10pm but he did surprise me with a beautiful bunch of flowers that were delivered during the day.

Since last Friday it's been busy busy here. Saturday was the exception though as the girls and I just bummed around at home. Sunday Mum picked Caitlin up and took her to the farm (Castlemaine) to pick up an old school desk that Aunty Kate has done up for her. Just after they left here Dunk and Wendy called in on their way home from Woodend. Andrew, Gigi and I took Dunk up to the Airplane Viewing car park up at the back of the airport as it is something he has wanted to do for a long time. I don't know who was more excited...Dunk getting to watch the planes fly right over the top of us or Gigi who sat in the boot of Daddy's car eating the soft serve that Uncle Dunk had bought for her.

Monday and Tuesday was spent doing house work and getting on top of the washing that I didn't do over the weekend. Yesterday Georgia had kinda so I thought I would race home and quickly vac the rumpus room (the only room in our house that has carpet) and then sit down and scrap before having to go back and pick her up in three hours time. Well things didn't go quite according to plan. I plugged the vac in to the power point and turned it on, but all I got was a heap of sparks flying out of the vac followed by a mass of smoke. Now I now it is only a vacuum cleaner, but I love this thing and he even had a name...Bertie Bosch! Berite cost me just over $600 about 2 years ago and I have loved him ever since. So on the phone I get to Muirs (where we bought it from) who give me the number for Bosch. I call Bosch who then give me the number for our local Bosch repairer, who tells me that his wife is on holidays and she makes all the appointments so can I call back in 2 weeks. 2 weeks...does this man understand the amount of crap that can accumulate on one's rumpus room floor when you have 2 kids and a dog? I can't wait 2 weeks...that's insane. So for the time being I have borrowed and old vac from my mother in-law that is probably the great-great-great-great grandfather of Bertie Bosch and hence has the power that you would expect from and 100 year old plus man...NONE!
Looks like Bertie is on his way to heaven and I am in search of a new best friend.

In better news my brand spanking new treadmill arrived yesterday and in the tradition of naming things in this house we have called him Jethro. I LURVE Jethro in all his newness and shininess and he was a nice end to an otherwise bad day.

That's it for me for today. I have my FIL's surprise 65th birthday party on Saturday and finally get to see two new bubba's (Oscar and Ella). Hope everyone is having a good week. Till next time....

Ange xx

RIP Berty Bosch!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Yes that's Andrew and I celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Words cannot describe just what Andrew means to me, but I do love him more than anything, he's not just my husband, he's my best friend. Happy anniversary hun!

Monday, August 13, 2007


I have created a LO slide thingy over there on the right hand side because Shazza wanted one LOL.

A pretty good weekend here. Saturday the girls and I just hung out at home and I gave the house a bit of a spruce. Watched my fav show on Foxtel (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) and bawled my eyes out, the sook that I am, and then just surfed the net. Finally decided to pack my tote around 11pm and found some old MM paper that I loved, so I scrapped a LO!

Sunday morning I was up bright and early and headed down to Scraptacular in Mentone for Sensational Sunday. There was only the six of us, Wendy, Shazza, Linda, Mardi, Cara and myself as well as Julie but we still managed to have a really nice day. I only got two layouts done but I did accomplish a lot of chit chat PMSL!

I got home around 6ish, cooked spag bol for tea, bawled for the second time this week watching 60 Minutes and got stuff ready for school today. And just to top my day off, my gorgeous hubby decided to but me the treadmill I had been dreaming of. It is so going to help me to loose weight and I think I am just going to bust waiting for it to arrive.

Well that's it for me for today, Mum's on her way over for lunch so I had better get ready.

Have a good week everyone.

Ange xx

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


you've gotta love when you get to celebrate your birthday over a couple of days LOL

Thank you to everyone that called, texted, emailed etc for my birthday yesterday, you really know how to make a girl feel special. I had a lovely day with Andrew and Gigi and then had the yummiest dinner at my Ma & Pa's place last night...I even got to see both my godparents in the same day.

One of the loveliest surprises I got was coming home to find the most divine bunch of roses sitting on my front door step. Thank you to Kass, Michael, Sunny and Elvis for really putting a smile on my face. I've taken some pics of a few of the goodies I received but am charging the camera battery at the moment so they will have to wait till later.

Andrew and the girls have payed for me to go on the Scraptacular Weekend Getaway and gave me a hep of moollah to spend on scrapping YAY! Mum and Dad have payed for me to do a photography course (starts August 20) at CAE and also gave me the cutest red accessories for my laundry...a tin peg bucket as well as a tin for my laundry detergent and I got some more money from my Uncle Bob aka TWGGF (the world's greatest god father as he likes to be known LOL).

As I was saying earlier the celebrations continue today with lunch with the gorgeous Miss Wendy and then dinner at my MIL & FIL's tonight with my BIL, SIL and gorgeous nephew Ethan.

Speaking of lunch I had better start getting ready.

Hope everyone has a good day (I know I will) LOL!

Ange xx

Monday, August 06, 2007


and I'm really not too bothered about it even though Andrew keeps reminding it's closer to 40 that 31 was (cheeky bugger).

Anyway have been pretty busy around here last week with heaps going on at school, kinda and childcare. Toilet training is still a work in progress although Gigi did use the toilet twice today (the first sitting took 40 minutes and the second an hour LOL)!

We finally got to go up to the farm and see all the new kids (baby goats) and because two have been rejected by their mothers, the girls got to bottle feed them. As you can image the girls fell in love with Mozart (brown) and Puccini (brown & white) and I took a heap of photos, with this one being my favourite.

My cousin Felicity came home from six weeks in Italy with her boyfriend Tony, so last night we got to see all her photos...just makes me wish I was there too!

Have managed to do a little scrapping lately too but have only scanned one...will have to scan the others later.

Well that's it for me for today. I have finished reading Harry Potter and am a little sad that it is now all over and with Big Brother finished too I'm feeling a little lost...maybe I'll manage to get all those LO's and BTP's that are floating around in my head done...fingers crossed.

Oh I forgot to mention too that I have rejoined Weight Watchers and lost 1.7kg in my first week. WOOHOO! Weigh in day is Wednesday so wish me luck.

Danielle (Cherubsrule) can you send me your postal addy so I can organise your pay it forward gift (

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Edited to say: Congrats to Danielle, Megan and Melissa. I'll email you all shortly to get your addresses. Don't forget to pay it forward!

A little break from programming (otherwise known as reading the latest Harry Potter book).

I was blog surfing earlier today and noticed this on Kim Archer's blog. I left a comment and was one of the lucky three so now it's my turn. It's all bout paying it forward. The first three people to leave a comment after this post will receive a little gift from me. Now I know I'm no Kim Archer LOL so hopefully there are three of you out there willing to take a punt on me. Anyway, if you are one of the first three to leave a comment I will, as I said send send you a little handmade gift. I have 365 days to make my gift and get it to you (I've already started so it won't be that long) and all you have to do is the same thing on your blog...Pay it forward to another three people out there in the www. So go on leave me a comment and I will email you for your address details and send you your gift.

Returning to normal programming...3/4 of the way through so hopefully I'll finish tonight!