Monday, August 06, 2007


and I'm really not too bothered about it even though Andrew keeps reminding it's closer to 40 that 31 was (cheeky bugger).

Anyway have been pretty busy around here last week with heaps going on at school, kinda and childcare. Toilet training is still a work in progress although Gigi did use the toilet twice today (the first sitting took 40 minutes and the second an hour LOL)!

We finally got to go up to the farm and see all the new kids (baby goats) and because two have been rejected by their mothers, the girls got to bottle feed them. As you can image the girls fell in love with Mozart (brown) and Puccini (brown & white) and I took a heap of photos, with this one being my favourite.

My cousin Felicity came home from six weeks in Italy with her boyfriend Tony, so last night we got to see all her photos...just makes me wish I was there too!

Have managed to do a little scrapping lately too but have only scanned one...will have to scan the others later.

Well that's it for me for today. I have finished reading Harry Potter and am a little sad that it is now all over and with Big Brother finished too I'm feeling a little lost...maybe I'll manage to get all those LO's and BTP's that are floating around in my head done...fingers crossed.

Oh I forgot to mention too that I have rejoined Weight Watchers and lost 1.7kg in my first week. WOOHOO! Weigh in day is Wednesday so wish me luck.

Danielle (Cherubsrule) can you send me your postal addy so I can organise your pay it forward gift (


Liz said...

Happy birthday for tomorrow Angie

hope you have a wonderful day

Tania S Lynch said...

Happy Birthday Ange.
Have a great day.
Love the pic of the girls, very cute.