Thursday, August 30, 2007


This weekly blogging thing seems to be becoming a regular thing with me...better weekly than not at all I guess?

So what has happened since last Thursday? Heaps's been a busy week.

Saturday was my FIL's 65th Surprise Birthday Party and YES it was a surprise, he had no idea. He had such a great day catching up with family and friends and so did we. I go to have such a baby fix with four new baby's in the family within the last 10 months and I hadn't seen any of them until Saturday. Ella (10 months), Oscar (8 months) and Sam (6 months) were all adorable but little Miss Abbie (all of 11 weeks) was just divine, like a little china doll and I could have cuddled her all day.
Once over my cluckiness I did manage to get my brother-in-law to take some photos of Andrew and I and the girls...and they turned out pretty good.

Sunday Andrew and I took the girls to have a look at a display home (yes he is back onto the selling and building thing again) and then took them to this great park they have built at this new estate. It was a great park and the girls thought they had discovered Eden, which I had have my camera.

Speaking of my camera, I have started the Photography course that Mum and Dad payed for for my birthday. Monday nights are two hours of complete bliss and I ma only kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner. It is so good to understand everything about shutter speed and aperture and to be able to actually use my DigiSLR on manual setting rather than just automatic.

Tuesday Georgia and I headed over to Aunty Wendy's place for lunch with the girls. Besides Wendy and I, Sim Kylie and Jo were there too together with the little girls. Five little girls aged between 3 and 5 and all well behaved...who would have thought LOL?

Wednesday was my FIL's actual birthday so we headed over there for dinner and let me just tell you that 5 little girls is a hell of a lot better than 3 kids and 2 dogs.

Today I had my baby cousin Emma over (she's 25 so not quite a baby anymore) and we did some hopping at Westfield, had some lunch and then picked Caitlin up from school. Em is sooooo good with the girls and the jumped all over her for hours. She stayed for tea and we had David, Kirsty and Ethan over for dinner too to celebrate Andrew's birthday (which is this Saturday).

Tomorrow Mum and I have a funeral to go to and then I have the Mavis Party at Scraptacular. Next week I think I will just hibernate LOL!

If you have lasted till now I hope you have had a good week and have an even better weekend.

Ange xx

Oh and only a week to go until Scraptacular's weekend away...I can't wait!


wendy said...

oh my how gorgeous are those photos of all of you, me needs copies pls. love em
i hope you went ok today, see you later.
wend xx

rach scholz said...

Great pics Ange!

OMFG soo can't wait for this weekend - hope you drink :P LOL

Lyn Dwyer said...

love these pics of your family Ange......just lovely!...I must admit I can't wait to learn how to use the manual settings rather than auot on my SLR....doing a whole day soon....