Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Edited to say: Congrats to Danielle, Megan and Melissa. I'll email you all shortly to get your addresses. Don't forget to pay it forward!

A little break from programming (otherwise known as reading the latest Harry Potter book).

I was blog surfing earlier today and noticed this on Kim Archer's blog. I left a comment and was one of the lucky three so now it's my turn. It's all bout paying it forward. The first three people to leave a comment after this post will receive a little gift from me. Now I know I'm no Kim Archer LOL so hopefully there are three of you out there willing to take a punt on me. Anyway, if you are one of the first three to leave a comment I will, as I said send send you a little handmade gift. I have 365 days to make my gift and get it to you (I've already started so it won't be that long) and all you have to do is the same thing on your blog...Pay it forward to another three people out there in the www. So go on leave me a comment and I will email you for your address details and send you your gift.

Returning to normal programming...3/4 of the way through so hopefully I'll finish tonight!


Danielle said...

Hey Ange i would be honoured to get a gift on you but i havent really started my blog still in process of setting it up. Oh well i was the first lol.

Megan said...

I too would be honoured to have a handmade Ange creation.
What an awesome idea. Will do this on my blog too.

Hope you are enjoying HP! I finished it last week! I'm a little sad it's all over now.

Melissa said...

Am I lucky number 3?

I think its a great idea and am already thinking about making 3 to pay it forward on my blog!