Friday, June 01, 2007


I finally seem to have gotten rid of all the little bugs that have been playing funny buggers with my internet connection.

Not much else is news since my last post. Renovations are still in full swing and it also seems as though the germs that have invaded our house in the last couple of weeks have found a new home.

Is it sad that at 1.30pm I am starting to count down the hours until Big Brother starts tonight? Friday nights are pretty boring around here as Andrew leaves for work at 7am and doesn't come home until 10pm. By tea time the girls are well and truly over being with me and I am looking forward to them going to bed LOL. I make myself a coffee, sit my bum down on the couch and hang on every moment that is Friday Night Live. I don't answer the phone (unless it is an ad break and then you are quickly told you have about two minutes to tell me whatever it is you need to tell me) and i only get up if the girls need me or I need to go to the loo and that too is usually reserved for ad breaks.

Tomorrow Caitlin has a birthday party to go to at one of those indoor play centres, so while she is happily playing away I will enjoy a nice Latte and devour the latest copy of Scrapbooks Etc. The party finishes at 2pm and Caitlin and I will go and pick Georgia up from Nanna's and then drive over to see Aunty Wend and Uncle Dunk for afternoon tea.

Sunday is renovation day, so we will be home all day pottering around. I might even make a roast for tea on Sunday night, but don't tell Andrew, just in case I change my mind LOL.

Well that's it for me today. I'm off to put another load of washing on, which will mean all my housework is done and then I might try and do some scrapping to pass the time until Big Brother starts.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Ange xx


Anonymous said...

oh i love the new look of your blog, really gorgeous, you have to show me how to do a banner lol
uncle dunk and aunty wend are looking forward to your visit, just a tad excited let me tell you. human company yay...
wend xxxxx

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hi Ange.......GLAD THAT THE BUG HAS LEFT YOUR HOUSE.......have fun today with Wen and Dunk!

The Clarks said...

Sounds like an action packed time
Glad the bugs jhave left :)