Saturday, June 02, 2007


WOW! What a fabulous day the girls and I have had.

Caitlin had a party for one of her friends from school, so we dropped Gigi at Nanna's and then the two of us headed to Kidz City. Two hours of bliss for both of us LOL. she ran around and had a ball with all her friends and I sat and had coffee and lunch with a friend Louise (Dylan's Mum).

When the party was finished Caitlin and I picked Gigi up from Nanna's and then drove over to see Uncle Dunk and Aunty Wendy, where we were completely spoilt rotten. Dunk had moved furniture around and made the girls a cubby house, there were boxes of toys to play with and new colouring books and crayons. Later in the afternoon the girls were served yummy chicken nuggets and got to eat them while sitting in front of the TV watching the Lion King. I too was spoilt rotten and had an endless supply of drinks and then topped off with pizza for tea. Just when the girls thought it couldn't get any better Uncle Dunk and Aunty Wend gave them a present to take home and out in their bedroom. It's a little virtual fish tank that lights up. The girls love it and have both gone to bed tonight watching the fishy's swim around in circles.

I am so very lucky to have wonderful friends who love my girls just as much as me LOL.

Thanks Dunk and Wend for a fantastic afternoon. Love you both.

I'll leave you with some pics that we took today

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The Clarks said...

Oh how wonderful !!!!
And how wonderful are you to share your gorgeous babies with Wend and Dunk!!!!Wonderful photos :)

kass said...

awww how lovely is that!!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hi all look like you are having a blast.....good on Wendy and Dunk for going to so much trouble to make you all feel so welcome....they really are the "COUPLE OF 2007"....."MADE IN HEAVEN"