Wednesday, July 04, 2007


that kids always get sick on school holidays? I took Caitlin to the doctor's yesterdays because she had this shocking cough and although she was given antibiotics they really hadn't kicked in last night, so she had a shocker. At 2am she ended up in our bed with Andrew and I got into her bed. I only lasted half an hour (note to self...Caitlin desperately needs a new mattress) before I grabbed a doona and a pillow and headed for the couch. Just as I was starting to drift off Georgia woke up crying...CROUP...bugger me. Needless to say I got no more than an hours sleep and have had a very lazy day lying on the couch. I've watched a little BB on live streaming, blog hopped, done some wish list scrap shopping, drooled over bedroom furniture at Pottery Barn for Kids (thank god the don't do International delivery) and went looking for some felt toy inspiration. Fairly productive work form the couch I say LOL!

When Andrew gets home from work I am going to go and have a little snooze and then I am heading to the Kmart Toy Sale at midnight. With Cailtin's 6th Birthday on Sunday it is perfect timing and I may even put a few things away on layby for Christmas.

Well that's it for another day. Hope everyone is enjoying the school holidays!

Ange xx

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Katie Toland said...

Hi Ange! Well, you and I are having quite similar holidays! Yes, we have croup here too, although we are almost out of it now. I hope you little chickens are feeling better quickly :(

I'm also addicted to PB Kids... I've just had a friend make the kids beds, because I wanted the PB ones! Brilliant place for inspiration.

Good luck at the toy sale. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAITLIN! I hope she has a brilliant day.

Take care xx

welcome to my world said...

hay there

this is my first time looking ast your blog loved the lothes and loves idea will be taking that one when i have nothing to blog :)
Good luck at the toy sale not sure if i am going to brave it this year.

The Clarks said...

You are MAD lol have fun at the toy sale !!!!
Hope the kiddies are well soon

Melissa said...

Hi Ange,

Hope the girls get better quick!