Friday, July 20, 2007


Ok, so I have been promising some pics for quite awhile now so I though it was about time. Before I do though I'll give you an update.

* Big Brother 07...yes I am still completely addicted and getting very excited that we are nearing the big finale. I really want Aleisha to win and I think it might be Billy, Aleisha and Travis as the final three.

* School holidays...were a total blur for us as we spent the entire two weeks with the flu, all four of us and we even managed to share the love by getting my Mum and Dad sick as well as Andrew's parent. Sharing is caring isn't it?

* Michaela & Justin's Engagement cousin Mich is the most gorgeous person and she has find Mr Perfect! Mick and Juzzy's party was great and a nice treat for Andrew and I, can't remember the last time we went out with adults and no kids LOL. I was under strict instructions from Miss Wendy to take a heap of photos and I even remembered to lug my camera along with me. As for photos, well I didn't get that far so I made Andrew take a photo of me when we go home in the wee hours of the morning and then I took one of him. So Miss Wend, here are your photos LOL

* many of you have asked me lately how Ebony is after being hit by a car last December. Can you believe that it was 7 months ago? Well I am please to report that she is fantastic, pretty much back to 100%. Her leg seems to go a little limp whenever she jumps up onto the couch but if you didn't know then you wouldn't notice. The vet says it's because she fractured her pelvis and she has a little bit of nerve damage, so at least she isn't in any pain. Here's a pic of my beautiful furbuba.

* And here are some more pics for Aunty Wend & Uncle Dunk...Caitlin's 6th Birthday!

I know I still owe some LO's but my scrap room is such a mess I can't even get in the door so I will have to scan them another day. I also need to upload some photos of all the work Alan has done around the house. I have walls and cornice's as well as grout thanks to Andrew's dad. The renovations are actually starting to make this place look like a house...who would have thought?

Anyway, that's it from me. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Ange xx

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wendy steward said...

oh hooray, yay thank you so much for sharing these, looks like you all had a magic time. Andrew and you look gorgeous at the party too, what a family of spunks.
love ya long time