Friday, July 06, 2007


do some food shopping! With the kids on school holidays they have eaten me out of house and hold.

Had a pretty good day today. Caitlin has been at my girlfriend Bec's place today playing with Melody. Caitlin and Mellie are only a week a part and because they aren't able to see each other for their birthdays we decided to let them spend the whole day together today. Gig and I just had a nice lazy day watching DVD's and eating yummy pumpkin soup...just what the doctor ordered seeing as Georgia is now completely full of the flu.

Mum and Dad called in today after they had been shopping at Pumpkin Patch. They really should be banned LOL but they did buy Georgia the most adorable outfit for her to wear to her sisters party on Sunday (Caitlin will also get one as part of her present on Sunday). I'll make sure I take a heap of photos!

Well I had better go and get Gigi into her PJ's and give her some medicine before putting her to bed. FNL is on tonight so that will take up most of my night and then I might do some more sewing...I have a nice little menagerie of felt toys growing here.

Thanks you to everyone who has sent Caitlin birthday wishes for her 6th Birthday on Sunday!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay warm.

Ange xx

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