Saturday, February 03, 2007


I know...but I was just editing some of the photos I took today and thought I just had to share.

This is Caitlin and Melody.

and Georgia and Robbie

I met there Mum, Bec, while I was in hospital pregnant with Caitlin. I had been in a room with two great gals and then they decided to send me home. When I was readmitted 24 hours later my previous bed had been taken and I had to be put in another room on a different ward. I was miserable. The other two girls in my new room were horrid, to say the least, and just when I thought I was going to go insane, they wheeled Bec in. We soon became the best of friends and I will never forget the look on her face when she saw Caitlin for the first time a week later. She told me that she thought she was the most beautiful little girl she had ever seen and was absolutely besotted by her...funny nothing much has changed since then.

Leaving Bec in the hospital 4 days later was really hard, especially considering she had nearly 3 months to go.
Bec went into premature labour and tiny little Melody Anastasia was born one week to the day after Caitlin. When I saw Melody in the NICU just a few days later I remember thinking that I had never seen a baby so small in all my life. She too was just beautiful and boy was she a fighter. Now standing half a head taller than Caitlin, it is hard to imagine the heart wrenching start to life she had.

Anyways, almost six years later and another baby each, we are still the best of friends and I love that our kids are able to share a wonderful friendship just like their Mum's.

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Lis said...

That is so nice that you are still friends and that now your children canbe to :)