Monday, November 20, 2006


Gee I wish it was still Sunday! Why do weekends just fly by?

Saturday night Andrew and I had an absolute ball at my god-fathers was so much more like a 21st. We got some great photos but they are on my Mum's camera, so as soon as I get them I will share. One of my fav's is of Andrew and Gary (my god-sister's boyfriend). They both hadn't shaved and looked all 'handsome and ruggered' according to them. In the photo they just look like long lost twins who are very drunk (Gary was NOT drinking, he's in pre-season and Andrew wasn't drunk yet!). Anyway I'll share it when mum gets it to me.

Not much else is news here. We had a pretty laszy day yesterday. Watched a DVD, did some scrapping and that's about it! Not much happening today either...too hot. I've got some washing on and I have had just realised that means I will have to go out in the heat to hang it out...DOH!

That's it for now. Hope everyone is having a good Monday (is that even possible?)
I'll leave you with this image...cracked me up. If you want to find out what yours will say, go here and scroll down the page.


Jess said...

Mine said "Jessica Lothian Aged 105. Only the good die young." Love it!

Jaimie said...

Mine said Jaimie Emmerton - I am NOT a hypercondriac!!

LOL - love ya (((HUGS)))

Jess said...

Hmm... Tried Paul's name today. It said "Paul Benson - I wish I could bring the Spice Girls CD with me" Must remember to tell him!


Ruey said...

lol Ange....mine said Ruey Enanoria Beam me up. rofl

Loving your layouts and the new look blog!!

Sofi p said...

ROLF!!! I'm off to check out what mine says!

Rach said...

Hey Ange.. thanks for finding me.. I looked for your blog but couldn't find it ! LMAO

Love the blog and your LOs.. you rock!

LMAO mine sayd the same as yours LOL "Rachael Scholz - Can't you hear me screaming!" LMAO

Take care :)

Amzy said...

Ya know what mine said "Gone but not forgiven" how harsh... I also tried Pete's, his said "Remember me as I was - A Trekkie", how funny!!