Monday, September 17, 2007


Well it seems the silly season has started awfully early for us this year as the diary is quickly filling up.

I had a fairly busy weekend with spring cleaning the house (still trying to get that finished) a trivia night on Saturday and a photo shoot in the city on Sunday.

Tonight is my last night for my photography course and I ma pleased to say that I can now actually use my Canon 350D on manual settings.

Toilet training is still going well with only a couple of accidents in the last couple of days and we have completely abondoned the potty and using the toilet all the time.

Last week of term four and at the moment I ma looking forward to school holidays. Andrew is having the second week off so the girls will be thrilled having him home. We haven't organised to do anything yet although Caitlin has asked if we can go swimming so we might just have to do that. We had Parent Teacher interviews last week and Caitlin is our little superstar. She is at Level 7 for her reading (Preps should be at Level 5 by the end of the school year)and she blitzed her maths test getting the second highest score for her class (including the grade 1's). Her spelling is also exceptional and overall her teacher thinks she is just a delight. Mummy and Daddy were extremely proud.

This Sunday I have my cousins Michaela, Felicity, Jarrod and Emma, along with their partners Justin, Tony, Kylie and Stuart coming over for a BBQ lunch. I'm really looking forward to catching up with the gang as we always have a ball.

Well that's all I can think of at the moment. Hope everyone has a great week.
Ange xx

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nuttyscrapper said...

What superstar you have there, she will be enrolling in a uni course before you know it !!!!!!