Thursday, September 27, 2007


till the school holidays are finished...I am well and truly over them already LOL!
My girls are no angels but usually they get along pretty well with just the occasional fight but it seems that all I have done for the last five days is referee the constant spats. I guess they just aren't use to spending so much time together. I have tried occupying them with a mountain of activities and just when I think I have found a solution the fight's my turn've been doing such and such for too long...but Mummy I want to play with that! ARGH!!!! One more day to go. My poor Mum has them for the day on Saturday while I escape to Scraptacular for Sensational and then as of Sunday Andrew is officially on holidays for a week. My sweet adorable hubby asked me last night what I had planned for us next week...PMSL...I told him that I was going out Sunday night and would come home at the end of the week so him and the girls could do what they liked.
In other news our renovations are almost complete. Christian and Ben were here this morning to finish off the pergola (now all it needs is a roof) and early next week we have the Mario Brothers here to finish putting the plaster on the roof of the rumpus room. Then all we need to do inside is paint (and lots of it) and then hopefully over the Christmas holidays we will have the concrete poured under the pergola and the roof put on! I'll be so glad when it's done especially knowing that we have a few years off before we begin again with an upstairs extension LOL!
Well that seems to be my time up. The girls are now fighting over who's cup is who's so I better go deal with that.
Hope everyone else is having a good week.
Ange xx

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Hayley Dymond said...

Hey Ange!
Just thought I'd say hi, and let you know I'll see you on footy for us! :)