Monday, September 10, 2007


I have just had the most amazing weekend with the greatest bunch of girls! I haven't laughed that much or scrapped that little in one weekend ever LOL! Julie and the girls from Scraptacular put together one fantastic jammed packed event and deserve huge kudos.

I got to spend time with two of my favourite people, my roomies Wendy and Kylie and also make so many wonderful new friends. Being a relative newcomer to Scraptac I was blown away by how welcoming all the girls were and would be proud to call all of them friends.

Friday night Wend, Kylie and I went to LaPorchetta for a quick bite to eat before heading back to the scrap room where I managed to finish off my tags and make a start on my castle book. I climbed into bed at about 2.30am but not before Wend made sure I had a glass of water and box of tissues beside the bed, had taken my medication and strepsil and tucked me in LOL!

Saturday morning started with bacon and eggs for breakie and then Rach and I took Kim from BrisVegas for a drive down to Mornington and ended up at Mills Beach so Kim could take some pics of the boat houses. Got back in time for lunch, finished off my Castle Book and then I had to head upstairs for a Nanna Nap as my cold was catching up with me. Wend came up and woke me up at about 5.30pm and was almost turning herself inside out with excitement as her beloved Hawks had just beaten the Crows by 3 points. Wend, Kylie and I then got all our Bollywood Bling on and headed down for dinner where we were treated to a vist from Her Royal Highness and Dame Edna just to name a few LOL! Geez I laughed a lot on Saturday night. Back up in the crop room I managed to complete my first LO for the weekend and then went off to be around 2.30am.

Bacon and eggs for breakie again (gotta love when you don't have to make your own) and then some more scrapping. The very talented Kimmie put together a slide show of the weekends photos and then showed us was 'fueking awesome'. The rest of the afternoon was filled with silent auctions, raffles and games and together we raised over $1300 for the Make a Wish Foundation. Before I knew it it was time to swap tags and start the mammoth task of packing up. It always seems to go too fast! I'm already looking forward to next year.

Love you all sick!

Ange xx

Even though I dragged my camera along with me I didn't take a single photo PMSL! Not to worry though as Kim took care of that. As soon as I get a copy I will post some pics...or you can just check out Kim's blog!


Anonymous said...

It wass nice to get to know you better this weekend Ange. Glad you enjoyed yourself so much even if you did have a horrible cold.

can't wait till you move to beaumaris (LOL) esp now ypu are a Mavis.

catch you soon


cdaly said...

Sounds like you had a great time Ang. They are a crazy bunch those Scraptac girls.Hope to see you at a crop there one day sometime :)

rach scholz said...

Whooohooo Ange! Lovin you sick :) But you already know that ;)

Tell Andrew you *must* buy the house tomorrow LOL

Oh and welcome to the Mavishood :P

Kerry OT said...

Welcome to the world of Mavis, a pleasure to have you join the clan, Original has made a wize choice. I to had a fantastic time on the weekend, catch up soon

Kim said...

Hey Ange,
What day is moving day LOL.
I am sure there will be pleanty of hands to help you move :)
I too had a wonderful time hanging with so many fabbo chix.
Catchya at a crop soon,

rach scholz said...

How'd we go Ange?? When will you be an 'our side of towner'? LOL Tell Andrew he has lots of Mavis' to contend with if he says NO!

Shazza said...

Hey Ange,

It was great hanging out with you over the weekend. Hopefully your feeling better now!!! You were having so much fun I couldnt even tell that you were sick!

Will speak to you soon.