Sunday, May 06, 2007



Ok, so I didn't make it back yesterday for my promised update, but I'm here now LOL!

So where do I start with what has been happening over the past couple of weeks? Point form is always a good idea, so here goes;

* Miss Gigi and I are still persevering with 3yo Kinda and 1 day of occasional care. She has fine tuned her ability to make me feel like the worse mother in the world and I ma sure she has convinced herself that she is not allowed to have fun while she is there. It is getting better though and hopefully within a few weeks it will all be good.

* Renovations are back in full swing here, albeit it slowly. Andrew is in the laundry as I type, removing the hideous old wallpaper from one wall and also from the walls in the second toilet (which is off the laundry). My dad is dropping in one night this week to connect the plumbing for the toilet and then our resident plasterer, Alan, will be coming on Saturday to begin the mammoth task of re plastering in the laundry & toilet, the kitchen & meals area, the lounge room and then finally the rumpus room.

* Caitlin lost her third tooth last night, one of the top front ones, and let me just say how adorably funny she looks with her new toothy grin. Thankfully school photos were taken at the end of first term. So anyways, last night we placed the tooth in this special little silver bag (like the ones you get jewellery in) and hung it out for the tooth fairy. She was busting at the seems this morning to see if her tooth had been taken and was absolutely delighted to find a $5 note. She also told us that she could see a little bit of fairy dust in the bottom of the bag (plaster dust, but who am I to burst her bubble)LOL.

* Not alot of scrapping has been done lately, but I think my mojo is returning. I discovered the 123 Challenge blog while I was blog hopping one day and decided to complete the April Challenge, which was to use a chipboard swirl, use some bling and not to use any paint anywhere. The LO turned out very simple, but I loved it, and I am pleased to say that I won one of the prizes for my efforts WOOHOO! So here is the layout and don't forget to check out the 123 Challenge Blog and have a look see for yourself.

* Friday night just gone I had a great night here at home with some great company. I asked my Mum to come over and scrap (she's just discovered the obsession) and just chill out and then I spoke to Miss Wendy, and when I mentioned what I was doing she said she might head over for a coffee if she got the chance. Wend did get the chance and arrived just after six bringing with her the yummiest Chicken Curry, Kumpow Chicken and rice. Kass called to ask if she could pinch a pizza box from me to send a LO off that had been accepted for SC, and so she arrived at about 8pm, with my Mum arriving soon after. Needless to say no scrapbooking was done, but we certainly did get a heap of chatting done LOL. It was a great impromptu girls night and couldn't have been better if I planned it.

* I have discovered Stampin Up! I know that most of you have probably already made this wonderful discovery and you are all in trouble for not passing it on to me LOL.
Wend invited me to Deb's place down in Patterson Lakes (which Kass said I would need a passport for considering how far I was going LOL) where the lovely Claire Daly was running a workshop. Thanks Deb for having me in your gorgeous home and it was really lovely meeting all the girls. Now I just need to win tatts so I can have one of everything from the Stampin Up catalogue! (Melissa look out, I will be stalking you soon)

That's all I can think of for the moment. I have a busy couple of weeks coming up so I will have more news soon.

Hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing Sunday. I'm off to try and do some scrapbooking, just have to clean my scraproom first ARGH!


Melissa said...

So $5 is the going rate for the tooth fairy these day's is it/ I used to get 50cents!

And what do you mean you didn't know about SU? I'll have to double check your on my mailing list
oh and buy a ticket for me because I still dont have 1 of everything and my wish list never stops growing especially after getting back from convention!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Just poppping in to see what you have been up to Miss the 123 Challenge the green....very nice!
I can't believe how generous the tooth fairy is these days.......OMG.....the tooth fairy only left like 50 cents when my boys were loosing their teeth.....$ boys would have been yanking them out by the day......LOL!