Friday, April 20, 2007


I have become extremely slack with updating here on my blog and have decided that I need to try a little harder LOL

So anyways, I'm just going to rambling on with what's been going on lately.

* Crop for Kids figures are in and we raised about $7,000 dollars. Woohoo! A big thank you to all those who supported the event and made it such a success.

* Andrew finally dragged his butt to the dentist and now I'm wishing he hadn't bothered. He came home with a quote for the work he needs done and 9 fillings and 4 root canals adds up to $2000! I nearly died when he showed me and seriously suggested yanking out each and everyone of his teeth and getting dentures. He is booked in for 'phase 1' to begin next Monday.

*Miss Gigi has become a Kinder girl. We haven't had a three year old kinder in our area before and when we finally got the go ahead to have one, the local council decided that soil testing needed to be done first, so no kinda for first term. My little Miss Independent is slowly adjusting and I have also booked her into occasional care on a Friday to help her along. It definitely isn't a separation issue, it's more to do with her being so headstrong and not liking being told what to do. We are persevering and making headway, so we'll just see how it goes.

*My cousin Michaela has just announced her engagement to the lovely Justin. It happened while they were visiting New Zealand (Justin's a Kiwi) and they have set the date for October 2008 and are getting married in Fiji. Woohoo! Finally a wedding to go to, with a holiday thrown in for good measure.

*Caitlin is back at school and I am pleased to say that I survived my first lot of school holidays! The girls fought a little for the first couple of days but then they settled down and just enjoyed playing and exploring together.

That's it for now. Back soon.

Ange xx

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