Friday, March 16, 2007


Well so much for me being more vigilant when it came to posting on my blog.

So what's news??? Not much really, well nothing overly exciting that's for sure, just the usual everyday stuff.

Caitlin is really enjoying school and I am amazed at how much she is growing up. While this is all wonderful, the one drawback is that she now thinks she is too big to play with her little sister. Don't get me wrong, they do still play together all the time, it's just that they fight about everything. Yesterday's spat was over a brown crayon...brown for god's sake...they could have least made it worthwhile and picked say purple or green.

Miss Gigi herself is a whole other story. Just when I thought she couldn't get anymore headstrong...this child will be the death of me, I'm sure. Even though she is hard work, there are days when she is just so adorably cute, just like in this photo.

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Liz said...

she is a cutie