Monday, November 06, 2006


I have missed a day already...

So what's news? Friday night was crop night here and I had a full house. I managed to move my craft mat from the table in my scrap room to the table in the Rumpus Room (aka Crop Room), and that's as much scrapping as I got done. It was great to just catch up with friends and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Saturday I just hung out at home with the girls. While they played and made a huge mess, I washed and ironed clothes and cleaned up a huge mess. Saturday night I picked up my girlfriend Karen and we headed down to her sister's place in Point Cook for a cuppa and a chat.

Today Andrew and Alan finally got around to putting the new back door on and it looks real pretty. Having all that glass lets in some much needed light in what was a gloomy part of the kitchen. Mum called around this afternoon and brought the Kenny DVD with her. If you haven't seen it then make sure you do...we had such a great giggle and it really does give you a new found respect for port-a-loos. We asked Mum to stay for tea, seeing as Dad was going to be away for the night, and then watched Australian Idol. All I'm going to say there is Go Damien!

It's a long weekend here in Melbourne so we still have another two days of weekend left. Nothing much else planned other than stuff around the house. Hope everyone has had a good weekend...till then

Ange xx

Oh thought I would leave you with this pic of the girls I took this afternoon. Made me think of that "watching her play with the cupboard box, Priceless" ad.

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amzy said...

Those girls are so cheeky!!