Thursday, September 21, 2006


Its not that I have been neglecting my blog or even that I haven't had anything to say...its my bloody internet connection. For someone who has a laptop with wireless ADSL connection, it has taken six or seven minutes just for the page to load when I hit 'create new post'. Argh...I was told it would be fixed within 48 hours but here I am over a week later and still no fixo.

So what's news...I had all the BB girls over at my place last Sunday for our VIC get-together. We had such a blast. It was great to catch up with Liz, Melissa, Michelle, Sam, Stephanie, Sarah, Carolyn and Coby oh and of course Jess and Kass (although I am lucky enough to see them all the time) and of course I got to meet Ngarie and Ruey for the first time, which was an absolute pleasure. I'm looking forward to the next one already. Seeing everyone's albums was so inspiring and I definately took mental notes for some major scraplifting. I can't believe how much food we had and DH wasn't complaining when he got home to discover almost a full Bailey's Cheesecake in the fridge. I'm not sure who even brought it along with them but Andrew is in love with you whoever you are.

In other news I am still without my beloved DSLR. I desperately need to get my lens fixed but just haven't had the time to get over to Collingwood to drop it off and I can't tell you how many photo opportunities have come up in the last few weeks...note to self...must do this ASAP!

The renovations are still coming along even if they are a little slow but I do have some new walls. They definately make the new furniture look great. Speaking of new furniture, finally our new lounge suit is arriving tomorrow. I suppose I shouldn't say finally, as we were told we would have to wait 14 weeks because it is made overseas and they are delivering it 4 weeks early, but gosh it feels like forever ago that we ordered it.

WOW this post has definately gone on long enough...I'll come back at a later time and let you know what else is news. I've noticed that my counter is increasing with hits everyday, so don't be shy and drop in and say hello.

I have some BIG news too, so stayed tuned! I'm such a tease I know!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ange, Not a problem, theres still tickets available. If you like you can drop me an email at . You can send a cheque/money order, credit card over the phone, or you can arrange a direct debit. Drop me a line and I can arrange it for you. Or else you can give me a call on 5975 0914. All the best Jody

Liz said...

Ange it was Sarah that bought the cheese cake...and wasn't it yummm

Sofi p said...

Hi Ange, dropping in from Scrap Pile, and saying a quick hello!