Friday, September 01, 2006


After all the subtle hints (and that not so subtle ones) I have finally found some time to sit down and blog. Things have been absolutely chaotic since getting home from Kiwi Scraps. Andrew, the girls and I all came down with a shocking cold and while they all seemed to be responding to their antibiotics, I on the other hand was getting worse. So after my second visit to the doctors in a week I have now been told I have a mild case of pleurisy. I've got another lot of antibiotics to take ontop of the fist lot and have also been given a ventalin puffer and I am pleased to say that it seems to be working, so keep everything crossed for me that I am finally on the mend.

Anyways I suppose I should tell you all about Kiwi Scraps even though most of you will have already read everyone else's wonderful accounts. My weekend certainly started off with a bang after I arrived at Melbourne Airport to be told that they didn't have me listed as flying that day. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I tried to explain to the lovely Amanda as calmly as I could that she had to get me to Sydney as I had Donna Downey at 11 o' cut a long story short $150 later I was back on the 8am flight and on my way to Sydney.

I absolutely loved every single one of my classes with Donna, Ali and Wendy but I have to say that my favourite class was "A Simple Life" with Cathy Z. While I have always loved her books and found them to be a great source of inspiration, actually being in the same room as her and hearing the words come out of her mouth was a wonderful experience.

The other amazing part of the weekend was of course catching up with old friends as well as meeting many new ones. I was rooming with Al Goldsboro and it was so great to see her again. I hadn't seen her since ISC GC 05. I also got to catch up with Charleigh Mims, Debbie Bray, Robyn Wilkinson and Kylie Tout who were also at ISC. There was of course Kass and Miss Wendy who I am lucky enough to live close by to and then there were a heap of online buddies that I got to meet for the very first time. Patti Valance, Gran Jan, Rubilicious, Lee Woodside and Libby (I'm sure there is more so please forgive me if I have left you out).

Saturday night I drove out to Kathryn's place (uplatette), stopping at a Scrap shop and the pizza store on the way. I had a really great night relaxing with some wonderful girls who were a heap of fun. Thanks Kathryn, Wendy, Kass, Karen, Sally (TOS), Belinda, Alison, Lynita and Nicole for a wonderful night.

Sunday my very own tour guide (aka Kass) guided me around the sights of Sydney. While I have been lucky enough to have travelled all over the world, this was my first time in Sydney and Kass made sure I got to see as much as possible. By the time we had to get on our flight home to Melbourne at 8.45pm (with every Melbournite's customary box of Krispy Kreme's) we were exhausted.

I do have some pics of the weekend , I just have to get around to loading them onto my laptop, so stayed tuned.

Well there you have extremely long and rambling post!

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~Kathryn~ said...

was lovely to meet you Ange !!