Monday, July 10, 2006


The new kitchen and laundry is in, minus all the drawers and cupboard doors, so you will have to wait just a little longer for the glamour pics. The plumber is back again connecting everything back up, so in an hour or so I will have my dishwasher and washing machine working and will no doubt spend the rest of the week catching up on all the housework.

In other news, we celebrated Caitlin's 5th Birthday over the weekend. I think I'm still coming to turns with the fact that my baby is 5 and going to school next year. So on Saturday Uncle Sean (Caitlin's godfather) pick the two of us up and drove us to Castlemaine so see my cousin Felicity (who is Caitlin's godmother). Caitlin was very excited about heading up to the farm and could hardly wait to see all the new baby goats. The highlight of her day would be a toss up between the birthday cake shaped as a goat (thanks Fliss) and giving Primadonna her bottle. Now the story of Prim is that she was one of triplets but her mother abandoned her, so Fliss and my Aunty Kate basically nursed her back to life and she now thinks she is a cross between a house dog and a person. She even uses the doggy door to get into the house. I'm sure the photo of Caitlin shows just how special she thought Prim was.

After a big day on Saturday, we had the McDonalds party on Sunday and Caitlin just loved it. She was spoilt rotten by all her friends and I still can't believe the amount of presents she got. Amazingly she didn't double up on anything or receive anything that she already had, so a big thankyou to everyone and well done on your shopping.

Needless to say we were a little late for kinda this morning as we all struggled to get out of bed after our huge weekend. Georgia is making a slow recovery and is still very clingy but who could blame her. Well I suppose I should stop rambling on get my butt into gear and get a start on the mountain of washing I have. Just remembered I need to do supermarket shopping as well, Bugger, so I had better start that dreaded list that I always manage to leave at home anyway.

Ange xx

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Katie Toland said...

Gorgeous pic Ange, Happy birthday for your gorgeous DD too. Sounds like a fun weekend. So glad to hear your reno's are comming along, can't wait to see some pics of the new kitchen either.

You should seriously try doing your grocery shopping online. I've done mine that way the past two fortnights, and it is BRILLIANT! Can do it now in 10 mins in my pj's and have it delivered the next day at almost any time I want for less than $5. Saves 2hrs in a supermarket with two screaming and bored kids ;)
xx k